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Our sales agents represent the finest brands in the beauty industry, forging mutually beneficial relationships between distributors and manufacturers. We approach each engagement with energy and creativity — along with an unvarnished commitment to tell you what you need to hear, not always what you want to hear. Choose a category to view the bios of Coleman/Harrison professionals whose real-life experience translates into real-world distribution solutions for your business.

from competition to collaboration

Long before they went into business together, good friends Charlie Coleman and Tom Harrison just happened to be fierce competitors. As competing sales reps in the Southwest territory, they always got along, despite the business rivalry that constantly pushed each one to step up his game. And in 2000, when they had the opportunity to join forces to launch the company that would become Coleman/Harrison, they didn't hesitate. Coleman/Harrison not only puts the hands-on involvement of both namesakes to work for your business in the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest territories, as well as select national accounts — it also represents the great things that can happen when you do business with people you genuinely like.


img charlie coleman

Charlie Coleman


Dallas, TX
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Under different circumstances, Charlie may have followed in his father's footsteps as a renowned restaurateur in Cuba — but our manufacturers, distributors and colleagues are grateful that a move to the United ... Read More

Under different circumstances, Charlie may have followed in his father's footsteps as a renowned restaurateur in Cuba — but our manufacturers, distributors and colleagues are grateful that a move to the United States led him to the beauty industry. When his parents moved to Dallas, they left the restaurant business behind and opened a beauty supply company instead. Over the years, they grew the business to include several locations, giving Charlie an insider's perspective of the industry.

Charlie became a manufacturers' rep in 1986, which not only launched his career, but also set him on a path to form lasting business relationships with many of his customers, colleagues — even his former competitor, Tom Harrison. In addition to Charlie's role as cofounder and principal of Coleman/Harrison, he also handles the Beauty Systems Group account in Denton, Texas.


img tom harrison

Tom Harrison


Dallas, TX
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Tom grew up in Nashville, TN, where his aunt — a hairdresser — would sometimes come to visit. While she was in town, Tom sometimes accompanied her to the "supply house," where she stocked up on beauty products ... Read More

Tom grew up in Nashville, TN, where his aunt — a hairdresser — would sometimes come to visit. While she was in town, Tom sometimes accompanied her to the "supply house," where she stocked up on beauty products for her salon. He remembers thinking, "This wouldn't be such a bad place to work." And in 1980, when he graduated from college, he was hired by the very same company.

Tom became their youngest regional manager at age 24, overseeing 17 stores from his new home base in Texas. He left the company in 1987 to become a manufacturers' rep. Since then, he's cultivated mutually beneficial relationships with numerous distributors and manufacturers. In addition to his position as cofounder and principal of Coleman/Harrison, Tom also manages key national accounts and serves as the managing partner for the Midwest, Northeast and Southwest territories.


Business Strategy Team

Denise Powell

Director of Business Development

Dallas, TX

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Denise has built a reputation of vision and dependability in the beauty industry and been a part of just about every segment of the business at top levels at Sally Beauty — from hair and nails to appliances and sundries. Over the course of her 25-year career, Denise has gained experience as a buyer, category manager, product developer and sales executive. This unique, well-rounded background equips Denise to support the needs of both distributors and manufacturers. The brands she works with appreciate that she has experience in merchandising, GTM strategy, pricing analytics, trend analytics, and promotion planning. She comes to Coleman/Harrison with a goal-driven mindset, determined to expand our reach and forge long-lasting relationships in the process.


Kent R. Nielson

Communication Strategist

Dallas, TX
Kent Nielson

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Kent appreciates the power of good sales skills — while he was selling a boat to Charlie Coleman, Charlie sold Kent on getting into the beauty industry. Since Kent spent his formative years watching his older sisters, he had a head start on learning the business from the consumer’s perspective. He enjoys the variety of people he meets as customers and colleagues and always strives to build lasting relationships.


Pamala Roach

Strategic Analyst

Dallas, TX
Pamala Roach

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Since becoming involved in the pro beauty industry in 2009, Pamala has continually honed her understanding of brand dynamics. She has experience in assortment planning and rationalization, category management, inventory management and overall business strategy, which is key to planning and sales growth initiatives. Today, in her role as a strategic analyst, she enjoys putting these valuable insights to work for Coleman/Harrison clients. Pamala analyzes every aspect of a brand to make informed recommendations that support market trends. She also draws upon her strengths as a creative, detail-oriented professional to provide steadfast support to clients and team members alike.


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Matt Bucholc

Sales Agent

West Dundee, IL
img matt bucholc

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After earning a bachelor's in business administration at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Matt joined Victory Beauty System, a Chicagoland beauty supplier, as a buyer. His professional positions in beauty distribution and manufacturing sales have helped him to see the industry from every angle. Matt is always eager to provide his customers with the support they need and he enjoys representing an exciting mix of products to offer to his customers. Honesty and determination best describe Matt.


Dave Chinburg

Sales Agent

Minneapolis, MN
img dave chinburg

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Dave enjoys that no two days as a Beauty Brand Agent are ever the same. There are always new challenges and promotions to keep things interesting, along with the dynamics of making the sale. With a degree in education from the University of Northern Iowa, Dave has worked in the beauty industry since 1985. He traded his job selling TV advertising for a position with a distributor of a hair color line. He also worked for a major Midwestern full-service distributor opening and training a sales staff of 12 in the St. Louis market as well as managing a multi-line sales force in four states. His organizational skills help him to be prepared for each sales call as well as following up with any promises that were made on a timely basis.


Scott Martin

Sales Agent

Greenville, OH
img scott martin

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As the son of a barber, Scott has always had an interest in the beauty business. His first job in the industry was in the warehouse filling orders — and over the years, his infectious smile and positive energy led him to the sales side of the business. Scott has been a sales agent since 2004, and he enjoys putting his tremendous depth of experience to work each day to equip his customers with the right solutions to grow their business.



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Lynn A. Ackerman

Sales Agent

Long Island, NY
img lynn ackerman

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Lynn learned the beauty industry on the front lines as a licensed cosmetologist, and then combined her practical knowledge with skills acquired in the hotel industry to become the manager of a professional beauty supply store. She enjoyed explaining different chemical products to her customers and was later offered a job as an educator with a major haircare manufacturer. She has also been a DSC calling on hair salons. Lynn credits her mom as a role model since she was an amazing salesperson. She used to tell the family stories at dinner about the thrill of making a sale, and why you need to invest in yourself. Lynn's sense of humor and work ethic combine to make her a great agent.


Scott Himmelstein

Sales Agent

Doylestown, PA
img scott himmelstein

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After earning a master's degree in business management, Scott joined the family business in the retail beauty industry. His love for closing the sale led him to the distribution side, where he thrives on building customer relationships and new opportunities. His friendly attitude and a good sense of humor combine to bring additional value to his business relationships. By being committed and working hard, his 20 years of experience works to make his accounts more successful.


Amy Schreiber

Sales Agent

New York, NY
img amy schreiber

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Amy's first position in the beauty industry was with Matrix, a division of L'Oreal, in 2003. During her eight years with Matrix, she held a number of key roles, including general manager of the Matrix Global Academy and director of shows and events. From there, she tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit as vice president of business development for a beauty company called Kaaral, where she was responsible for all aspects of the U.S. launch of this Italian-based company. She also served as vice president of professional sales at Wet Brush prior to joining the Coleman/Harrison team. Amy's strategic approach and energetic attitude make her a valued collaborator for colleagues and customers alike.



Southwest Agents

  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas (except El Paso county)

Steve Simon

Sales Agent

Dallas, TX
SteveS Placeholder

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In his 35-plus years in the beauty industry, Steve has held virtually every job imaginable, including store manager, buyer, distributor, sales manager, and manufacturer's rep. Now, in his position as sales agent and territory manager of the Southwest region, he puts his industry expertise to work each day as he provides support and guidance to customers, manufacturers and Beauty Brand Agents to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Steven's secret to success is his enduring commitment to treat others the way he wants to be treated — like family.


Art Hernandez

Sales Agent

Houston, TX
img art hernandez

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Art started in the beauty industry as a full-service salon consultant before moving up as a sales manager and becoming a manufacturer sales representative in 1992. Eager for the opportunity to build a stronger business as a sales agent, he joined Coleman/Harrison in 2019. Art’s outgoing personality and problem-solving approach to partnership make him an indispensable asset to our team, and his background as a distributor sales consultant and sales manager give him valuable insights on the challenges and opportunities his customers face.


Headquarters Team

Stephanie McCullar

Customer Service

St. Louis, MO
img stephanie mccullar

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Stephanie's consistent quality service and committed customer relations make her a team favorite. She originally got into the beauty business when a friend convinced her to help out in his office "part time." Now, more than two decades later, she enjoys doing what she can to help agents grow their accounts. Stephanie is passionate about our business.


Peggy Ritchie

Key Account Manager

Dallas, TX
img peggy ritchie

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At the heart of our office, you'll find Peggy. Her many years at Coleman/Harrison — along with her firsthand experience as a licensed cosmetologist and manager of both a retail/wholesale beauty supply — gives her valuable insight into the business. She enjoys having the opportunity to work with all types of people and appreciates the lasting relationships that have been created. You will find her to be very positive and a good listener.


Lorrie Rubin

Commission Manager

Dallas, TX
img lorrie rubin

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Lorrie brings a warm light to the office with her easygoing nature and sense of humor. A background in drugstore cosmetics and a passion for beauty led her to Coleman/Harrison. Lorrie has a thirst for knowledge and deftly adapts to whatever situation may arise. She appreciates the close-knit office friendships that make every day special — and she revels in the surge of popularity that goes along with her job title, especially on the 15th of every month!


Cindy Whitehead

Customer Service

Dallas, TX
CindyW Placeholder

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Cindy started working for a beauty supply distributor more than three decades ago and has been working in the industry ever since. In fact, before she joined the Coleman/Harrison team in 2016, she had already been working alongside some of them for 25 years. Customers enjoy working with Cindy not only for her years of experience and her reputation as a problem solver, but also for her cheerful, positive attitude. Her favorite part of the job is being a part of a team that shares a passion for supporting the Beauty Brand Agents of Coleman/Harrison, as well as building relations with the vendors they support and the customers they serve.