Nectar: Serious brands.
Sweet resource.

Coleman/Harrison is proud to introduce Nectar — a robust product resource for pro beauty manufacturers and distributors. Just as the hummingbird in our logo signifies the grace and agility that Coleman/Harrison brings to the pro beauty ecosystem, Nectar is the fuel that sustains flight. This 24/7 sales portal connects Coleman/Harrison customers with the products, trends and opportunities that are shaping mutual success in this dynamic business.

Where sales momentum never sleeps

Nectar is our online pro beauty sales resource that offers up-to-date product information, pricing and availability — along with the convenience to place orders anytime, anywhere using your favorite web-enabled device. Features and benefits include:

  • • 24/7 online ordering to accommodate any schedule
  • • Daily updates on new products and promotions to drive targeted sales
  • • Quick-order options like saved favorites and repeating previous orders to save time and effort
  • • Access to all brands represented by Coleman/Harrison for one-stop sales

Nectar is available exclusively to Coleman/Harrison Beauty Brand Agents and customers. To get started, contact us.

Building velocity

As you can imagine, building a website that features as many products as Nectar does is quite a task, which is why we are opening up Nectar in phases. Starting on Nov. 1, 2018, we will open the doors to Nectar for our clients in the Southwest territory. Our clients in the Northeast and Midwest territories won’t have to wait long; they should be able to reap the benefits of Nectar in January 2019. In the meantime, if you operate in the NE or MW, you can still fully explore Nectar, minus the product pricing and ordering functionality, to get a sense of how it will help your business when it opens up for you.

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Watch the video for a taste of what Nectar has to offer — then experience our robust 24/7 sales portal for yourself!

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