Open communication
drives your success

In the beauty industry, exceptional products are the catalysts for anticipation, hope and confidence. That’s why the principals of Coleman/Harrison speak candidly with you from day one about any product or packaging issues that may need to be addressed.

  • Is the product clearly labeled?
  • Are the benefits clear?
  • Does the product work as promised?
  • Does the packaging maximize visual impact while minimizing the need for valuable shelf space?

If the answer to any of these key questions is no, we will offer our expert recommendations on ways to strengthen your marketability, elevate your brand and drive sales.

Getting started

Meet with us and have an honest conversation about your business goals. Let’s get to know each other, and your products, and make sure this relationship can be a good fit for both parties. Once you’ve engaged our services, by means of our written Independent Sales Representative Agreement, your Beauty Brand Agent calls on our longtime distribution customers to communicate the key points and sales potential of your product. As independent contractors working on your behalf, we work with your marketing team to properly market and promote your brand or products to the appropriate contacts that we have with distributors, salon chains and other opportunities in the pro beauty market. When we make the sale, we send you the order and you ship the goods directly to the distributor. Then you pay our commission — a pre-negotiated percentage that gives you the budgetary assurance of having a fixed selling cost. Our goal is always to establish a good, long-term income stream for you; and subsequently, we keep working to build upon that to keep your sales steadily increasing and your profits growing. Repeat business is the best way to grow your business. Let us focus on selling your current products, so you can focus on developing your next groundbreaking idea.

Down the road

The open, honest communication we stress at the beginning of the business relationship continues for as long as we represent you. We keep you informed of what’s happening in the field and the industry, while simultaneously protecting any proprietary information you give us to work with. If issues should arise, it’s our job to let you know what’s being done to address them and engage you to find a solution quickly. We take the relationships with our distributors and retailers seriously, and we don’t want your, their or our business harmed in any way due to a misunderstanding — which is why we are so proactive when it comes to communicating with you.